Our Company

Describing what we are is difficult because we like to work outside the box.
Our mission is to represent companies in the textile sector -you probably already know that.
What you don't know is how we do it. Here are three simple words that explain.


If you are a textile manufacturer you can count on our skills to expand your business and broaden your market.

If you are a fashion house or use textiles, we are a non-stop shop for all the companies we represent and a point of reference for finding new suppliers that fully meet your needs

If your are curious to read a list of our clients, sorry but you'll be disappointed. We have chosen to protect the privacy of those who choose us. This same discretion is used for management of our contacts and is reserved for all our clietns. Including you.

Our Staff

We have five esternal sales staff and one in house.

Enzo Penta
335 52 62 595

Andrea Maggesi
335 61 67 527

Domenico Ambrosio
348 41 89 238

Alessandra Maggesi
335 76 68 660

Four professionals always on the road, taking care of our clients.
Their motto: he who hesitate is lost (they never get lost, just discover new paths).

In house:
Claudia Borella
345 48 88 273

Barbara Burattini
345 48 88 273

Our cornerstone, a constant presence, always ready with a solution and a smile whatever the request.

Where, how and when

We are headquartered in Milan.
Our main contacts are in Lombardy and Piedmont, but we have clients all over the world because the only limits we fear are those created by mindsets.

We are on the market all year round, in all sector segments: pre-planned, semi-planned and fast fashion.

Viale di Porta Vercellina, 11
20123 - Milano
Tel: +39 02 89 18 12 85
Email: studiopenta@studiopenta.com